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Portofino - Marble Surfacing

The Beauty and Excellence of Italian Design

Portofino - Breccia Aurora Shower
One of the most functional and practical building materials available in today's market.

Portofino is the original marble based engineered stone and has proven itself as one of the most functional and practical building materials available in today's market. Natural marble aggregate is mixed with thermoset polyester resin in a high-pressure environment.

The resulting precast material is ideally suited to interior environments and makes it easy to achieve a unified look across countertops, tile floors, wall cladding and mosaics. Portofino exhibits consistent beauty throughout the space, whether in a bathroom, a living room or a commercial environment.

Portofino Shower Systems allow you to offer the same color and feel throughout your new construction or remodeled bathroom. Shower Bases are available in our standard Portofino Collection colors, and may be available in other colors by special order. Combine Portofino Shower Bases with matching tiles, slabs or mosaics and create the ultimate bathroom environment.

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Stone Care Maintenance

Routine Care

Portofino - Rasotica Bathtub

Portofino engineered marble surfaces are very easy to maintain and with simple care, will retain its luster and beauty for many years. For routine cleaning, use a damp cloth or paper towel and, if necessary, a small amount of mild soap. Once clean, rinse and dry surface thoroughly. Specialized products such as Quick Clean and Plus 10, available from VMC Technical Assistance Corporation, can be used to further assist with routine care and maintenance.

Removing Difficult Spills

For stubborn or dried spills, use a nonabrasive cleaning pad such as a white 3M Scotch-Brite scrub pad combined with a small amount of mild soap or specialized stone cleaner.

Preventing Staining and Other Damage

Portofino - Botticino Bathtub

Generally, prevention will save a great deal of time spent on cures and remedies, especially since damage to marble is often irreparable. A good commercial penetrating stone sealer, such as KleerSeal or Anti-Drop, available from VMC Technical Assistance Corporation, should be applied just prior to or immediately following installation to help prevent staining. The sealer should then be applied every year after to maintain an optimum level of stain prevention.

Spills of any type should be immediately removed and rinsed with water. Portofino may stain, etch or dull if exposed to liquids (such as wine, vinegar, tea, lemon juice and soda) or fruits and vegetables for prolonged periods of time. Coasters should be placed under all glasses, particularly those containing liquors or citrus juices. Portofino marble surfaces can be damaged from prolonged exposure to heat, so you must always use a trivet or hot pad under heated dishes. Portofino can also show scratches, the use of a cutting board is always recommended.

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