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Swanstone - Solid Surfacing

High Performance Solid Surface

Swanstone - Solid Surfacing
Any stain can easily be removed with common household cleaners.

When it comes to durability, Swanstone is the best high-performance solid surface for both residential and commercial applications - and we can prove it.

Impervious To Chemicals

Swanstone withstands prolonged exposure to common corrosive solvents like gasoline, acids like nail polish remover and bases like Drano. Any stain can easily be removed with common household cleaners.
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Impact Resistant!

Swanstone has the best impact resistance in the cast polymer industry - up to five times stronger. As a result, pound for pound - and pounding after pounding - Swanstone solid surface stands up to heavy duty abuse far beyond daily use.
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Withstands Heat!

Swanstone withstands prolonged heat up to 450°. Hot pots, boiling water, and curling irons cannot burn or harm Swanstone sinks, counters or vanity tops - cultured marble and other solid surface can't say that.
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Renewable Surface

Swanstone is the ultimate renewable surface. Stains and scratches can always be buffed or sanded out - no gel-coat or laminate surface to wear away.

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Key Benefits

Swanstone - Solid Surfacing
  • Fits 30"D x 60"W tub area or smaller, 72" high (762mm x 1524mm)
  • Manufactured from Swanstone solid surface.
  • Stunning look adds elegance to your bath.
  • Will not mildew, no grout to clean.
  • Ideal for both remodeling projects and new construction.
  • Heat resistant - walls can handle steamer units.
  • Reinforced solid surface means color and texture run all the way through and cannot wear away.
  • Upgrade glue-up wall system includes a single back panel, two side panels and two corner molding strips.
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